Monday, 12 July 2010

Mother Marie-Alphonse of the Most Blessed Sacrament, O.SS.R. (1913)

Who died in the odour of sanctity at the Monastery of St Alphonsus in Malines (Flanders) on 12 December, 1913.

Prevented from her most tender youth by choice graces, the venerated Mother Marie-Alphonse radiated above all her great purity and simplicity which became in her the principal of the admirable gift of piety which is to be found throughout her life. God, the Church, her Order, souls, were there unchanging objects of her love. As superior for 25 years she edified all by her perfect regularity, her maternal devotion and her angelic recollection. As spouse of the Divine Redeemer, called like Him to ascend the steep heights of Calvary, God wished to mark her with the Royal Seal of the Cross. She passed the last 12 years of her life upon a bed of sickness. Always smiling, she put up with her cruel sufferings with an heroic patience, until the day when, attaining her Divine Ideal, she expired – a veritable holocaust, consumed in the furnace of pain, in order to go, we are confident, to enjoy her Eternity for unending ages.†
(From Mother’s mortuary card.)

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