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The Servant of God Mother Marie Gabrielle of the Most Holy Trinity, O.SS.R. (1808-1868)

Redemptoristine of the Monastery of Malines

Maria Victoria Eder was born on 22 December, 1808, in Vähring, near Vienna, Austria. While still young she had a pronounced, even though innocent taste for apparel. One day, her mother having refused to garland her hair with roses, she went off in a fit of tears. The Redemptorist St Clement Mary Hofbauer having heard about this said to her: “Come on, don’t cry any more my child, you will soon receive a crown of roses from me.” The next day she better understood the lesson when she received a rosary from the saint. And in fact from that time on she bade farewell to the vanities of the world and gave herself up to piety. On the advise of St Clement she accepted the position of lady-in-waiting to Princess Poniatowska, grand-daughter of King Stanislaus Poniatowski. After the death of St Clement she took the Venerable Fr Passerat, C.SS.R. as director of conscience.

Soon Maria Victoria was to enter the Redemptoristine Convent of Vienna. She was professed there on 17 May, 1835. Having made remarkable progress in sanctity she departed, with the Servant of God Mother Marie-Alphonse of the Will of God for Belgium where she participated in the foundations at Bruges, Brussels and Malines. It was in this last foundation that Mother Marie Gabrielle died a death precious in the sight of the Lord on 1 February, 1868. She announced her own death – appearing miraculously at the same moment in several distant places. †
(From Memorial Alphonsien.)

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